Extend/Generate Ai Art Prompts

Enter a seed prompt or click random

Benefits of Merging.

Purpose of PromptExtend.

It generates numbers of detailed/extended art prompts from a small seed prompt for use in AI Art generator tools like dream.ai, midjourneyAI, nightcafe, starryai etc.
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Easy Copy

Click the copy button on right side of each output prompt to easily copy the content to clipboard. Paste it on your favorite art generator tool.
Cool User Interface

Generate Random Prompt

You can just click on Random button without entering any base text to generate random midjourney art prompts. Random seed is generated and extended.
Fast & Reliable

Free Access with no Sign up

Free of Cost access without any hassle to create Account. Sign up is optional for the purpose of notification & future updates.
Works on any Device

Works on any Device

The web application runs on desktop computers, mobile smartphones, and devices running any operating system. There is no need to install any app to generate art prompts.
Simple online tool

Simple web App

Very easy to use, just enter main idea of the art and tool will show 8-10 relevant extended prompts around that idea.

What is PromptExtend?

PromptExtend is an AI Art Prompt generator tool that extends and elaborate the base starting prompt into more detailed one to generate better AI arts. It can also be used as midjourney prompt generator, random art idea generator, art topic generator, random art generator, concept art idea generator, painting prompts generator, random art prompt generator, drawing ideas generator.

What is Ai Art Prompt?

An AI art prompt is a suggestion or idea for creating a piece of artwork using artificial intelligence (AI) tools and techniques. AI art prompts can be used to inspire and guide the creative process, helping artists to explore the potential of AI in art and to experiment with different approaches and techniques.

AI art prompts might suggest a specific theme or subject for the artwork, such as a landscape or portrait, or they might provide more general guidance on how to use AI tools and techniques to generate and refine the artwork. Some prompts might also include specific instructions or suggestions for using particular software or tools, or for experimenting with different settings and input images.

Overall, the goal of an AI art prompt is to provide inspiration and guidance for creating unique and creative artwork using AI, and to help artists learn more about the capabilities and limitations of these tools.